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United by our faith in Jesus Christ as the only possible way of salvation, we enjoy working together, praying together, and worshiping together. We want to grow to become more like our Savior. We encourage each other in the faith. If you have not been a part of the church family, come and find out what our family is like.


Just keep reading!

So, read the book of Ephesians. It reminds believers of who we are in Christ.

Monday - Ephesians 1
Tuesday - Ephesians 2
Wednesday - Ephesians 3
Thursday - Ephesians 4
Friday - Ephesians 5
Saturday - Ephesians 6

And next week? Read it again!

And we just keep reading! (Anyone singing that like Dory did in Finding Nemo?)

Read in different translations. Read it outloud yourself. Listen to it online (check out I really like listening to the Holman Christians Standard Bible audio.

One time, just for fun, read the whole book in one sitting!

And just keep reading!